Steroid Analysis


The main tasks of the Laboratory for Steroid Analysis are the following:

  • Routine analysis of clinical samples (urine and plasma)
  • Research collaborations (analysis of steroids in other biological matrices such as saliva, cells and tissue extracts)
  • Development of novel analytical methods for hormone analysis

Analytical procedure

All analyses are performed using mass spectrometric techniques. The procedure used for routine analysis comprises the following steps:

  • Steroid extraction (solid phase or liquid/liquid)
  • For urine: hydrolysis
  • For GC-MS: derivatisation
  • Sample clean-Up
  • Steroid quantitfication using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) or liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS)

For research project we also have a high-resolution GCxGC-TOFMS platform to our disposal. 

Routine Analysis
  • Quantitative urinary steroid profile (41 metabolites)
  • Quantification of urinary free cortisol/cortisone
  • Qualtitative analysis of exogenous steroids in urine
  • Quantitative plasma steroid profile (17 metabolites)

Click here for a complete list of analytes.

Sample Material

  • Urine: at least 5 ml  of a 24h urine collection (preferred) or spot urine
    No convervatives or cooling required. Analysis of acidified urine possible. Please attached completely filled in sample submission form.
  • Plasma, Serum, cell and tissue extract on request


Please inquire.


General and technical information

PD Dr.  Michael Grössl
Tel. +41 31 632 9477


Clincial information

Dr. med. Daniel Ackermann
Tel. +41 31 632 9629